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Barrick Holds Media-only Holiday Party

'Attack ad' promotes Barrick Gold holiday media party

by Chris DanielsPR Week
December 1st, 2008

While many companies have canned their Christmas parties, Barrick Gold invited journalists to its media-only Christmas party via online video.

The video — a parody of a political attack ad — starts off by complaining that most Christmas parties “are all hype and no hoopla”, with “lukewarm h'ordeurves, two drink tickets, double dippers. Some parties are just not up to the job.” The video then says the Barrick Gold media party is the exception.

Towards the end of the video, Vince Borg, SVP of corporate communications, says, “I am Vince Borg and I approve of this invitation.”

Borg said the party has traditionally had a great response rate. Of the 70 to 100 journalists Barrick Gold invites to its media party each year, typically 60 to 80 people attend.

“Back when we started [about 15 years ago], there were a number of parties around town and now they are few and far between,” says Borg. “We feel it is still a good chance to connect with people.”


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