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Indigenous activisits protest gold mine expansion

Radio Australia News
April 11th, 2009

In Australia, indigenous campaigners are holding a weekend-long protest to try to force the closure of a gold mine in central New South Wales.

The Barrick gold corporation has been fighting a legal battle to expand its mine.

Anti-mine protesters from around Australia have travelled to the site to join native title applicants, who've been fighting against the mine for 10 years.

Local indigenous spokesman Neville Chappy Williams says the mine is desecrating sacred land.

"It's our ancient cultural heritage that we're fighting for," he says.

"We're taking the fight for all peoples, because it's going to affect all peoples, and it's going to leave a legacy of destruction."

He says it's painful to see what's happening at the mine. "What I've said many times, don't desecrate our Dreaming place, don't mine our sacred site."


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