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Protect Sacred Mt. Tenabo

Action Needed – by October 4, 2010

September 23rd, 2010

Letters to the BLM commenting on the inadequacy of the draft Supplementary EIS to provide an adequate mitigation plan for the seeps and springs that are under risk. It is important that the courts understand how important this issue is to the public, so your letter even if brief will be registered as concern and help out the legal effort that is still underway.

In your letter it would be good to mention the following:

· BLM needs to determine if seeps and springs are connected to the groundwater aquifer

· replacement of water from another source is not a satisfactory mitigation plan for springs - replacement is not protection

· mitigation strategies that prevent the source of a spring from being impacted need to be analyzed

· the SEIS fails to examine the long term impacts of the groundwater loss and the pit lake formation – how will the anticipated permanent decrease in the water table near the open pit be mitigated?

· if you have been to Mt. Tenabo include your experience there highlighting the important of the area

· mercury emission will still be high and the local deposition numbers are not mentioned

· mercury emissions from non-point sources like the waste rock piles and heap leach pads are not analyzed – these are called “fugitive emissions” (these can be significant)

Mail to:

Attention: Christopher Worthington, Bureau of Land Management
Battle Mountain Field Office
50 Bastian Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820
, Email to:


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