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We reaffirm once more, that FAMATINA CANNOT BE TOUCHED.
Many voices have been heard from this group of informed citizens, who, worried and committed to the defense of life and of our natural resources, initiated a struggle against all odds to prevent the open-pit mining exploitation of the Famatina Range.

Chile: Vallenar Marchers Reject Pascua Lama Project - Again
by Monica EvansThe Santiago Times
June 12th, 2007
“Water is worth more than gold!” was the chief battle of protesters in a June 2 march against the Pascua Lama mining project and the company responsible, Canadian-based transnational Barrick Gold. The march has become an annual event for Region III's Vallenar (the closest main town to Pascua Lama) since news of the project reached the community over three years ago.

Barrick Gold's Dirty Secrets
by Ellie Gilbert and Natalie LowreyGreen Left Weekly
The Canadian-owned Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold producer, is exploring, building and operating huge, open-pit goldmines on nearly every continent on the planet.

Donlin prospect has Bethel considering ban on cyanide
by Elizabeth BlueminkAnchorage Daily News
A Western Alaska town is considering barricading itself against a notorious chemical used in mining.

Canada's Mining Companies: It's the Government's Turn
by EDITORIALEmbassy, May 23rd, 2007
Here is a good editorial piece by Embassy magazine. It is too bad Embassy got TVI Pacific's name wrong (as many still do), and that the editors seemed not to know that it was actually the testimony of local people before a parliamentary committee against TVI Pacific that ended up in the CSR Roundtables. Not to mention the fact that the parliamentary committee in fact tasked the Canadian Government with investigating TVI pacific and that the government declined! Nonetheless, it is the first piece I have seen that at least links TVI Pacific and he CSR Roundtables.

Cyanide Protesters Hope To Stop Train
ABC News Online
May 24th, 2007
Police say they have advised a group of protesters against a plan to flag down a freight train tonight near Urunga, on the New South Wales mid-north coast, saying they could face penalties including fines or imprisonment.

MEDIA ALERT: Locals To Stop Cyanide Train
Thursday 24th May @ 6pm Yellow Rock Road Pacific Highway (Between the Bellingen and Urunga turn off, NSW)

Protestors in Argentina Continue Their Protest Against Barrick's Famatina Gold Mining Project
Local groups in Argentina protesting Barrick's Famatina gold project, have decided not to rely on the recent reports that Barrick is abandoning the project.

Barrick bids Famatina project goodbye - Argentina
by Business News Americas staff reporters¬icia=392957
Canadian miner Barrick Gold announced in a statement that it has decided to definitively abandon the Famatina gold project in northwest Argentina's La Rioja province.

Change mining laws to reclaim our future
by Jane DanowitzSalt Lake Tribune
Unlike oil, gas and other extractive industries operating on public land, the "hard rock" metal mining companies - even if foreign owned - can take mineral resources from U.S. lands virtually for free, costing American taxpayers an estimated $100 million each year in potential royalties.

Barrick Gold CEO gives shareholders cold shoulder at AGM
Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE)
There is really only one way to deal with disgruntled shareholders: hear them out. The opposite approach - shut them off - was taken two weeks ago by Barrick Gold President and CEO, Greg Wilkins. With shareholders waiting their turn to speak, he gavelled the controversial meeting to a close, short-circuiting potentially embarrassing questions.

CANADA: Barrick Boss Gets Served
by AMY CHUNGNOW (Toronto)
Protest Barrick, a network of ab original communities from Australia, the U.S., Latin America and Asia, converged on Barrick Gold Corporation's shareholder meeting at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre May 2 to serve the company an eviction notice from First Nation land.

May 2nd Action against Goldcorp: No More Mining Terrorism
Rights Action
Photo essay on the May 2nd GoldCorp action, organized by Rights Action in Vancouver, Canada.

Native American Group wants Barrick Gold Corporation off its Sacred Lands
Today at its annual shareholders meeting, the Barrick Gold Corporation will have to answer some tough questions from the Western Shoshone Defense Project (WSDP), a grassroots Native American group based in Nevada and supported by Oxfam America, an international relief and development organization. Dedicated to protecting the land rights and preserving the homelands of the Western Shoshone people, the WSDP is concerned about Barrick's plans to mine on Mount Tenabo and Horse Canyon, important spiritual areas in Northern Nevada and home to Shoshone creation stories.

International Day of Action: Agua sí, oro no
Pagina 12
Organizaciones ambientalistas y de damnificados por la minería a cielo abierto de Argentina, Chile, Perú, Canadá y Australia realizarán hoy una "actividad de denuncia y resistencia contra la minería a cielo abierto". Los movimientos vecinales organizados en distintos puntos del país, como Esquel y Famatina, participarán con un escrache a las oficinas de la empresa Barrick Gold en Buenos Aires.

Worldwide Anti-Barrick Day in Santiago, Chile
by María José Martínez
News Articles about the Day of Action in Santiago, Chile.

Ancash citizens start new protests against Barrick Gold
Coordinadora Nacional de Radio
Various civil society organisations of the Huaylas Callejón started a series of protests against the mining company Barrick Misquichilca. The company refuses to paralyse its exploration work on the Condorhuain mountain even though the area was declared.

Barrick protesters arrested
by Lisa WrightThe Toronto Star
May 2nd, 2007
Two anti-mining protesters were arrested this morning outside Barrick Gold Corp.'s annual meeting at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Protest closes Porgera gold mine in PNG
by AAPThe Age
The giant Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea's Highlands has been forced to stop operations after local landowners blocked the access route to the mine. The Age sites the killing of illegal miners, but contact, Stanley Kaka of Porgera said that land owners were upset that their mining agreement hasn't been reviewed in 17 years. Now, he says that landowners are frustrated because "Barrick collected only few landowners and trying to review the mining agreement."

Barrick halts gold project after Argentines protest
Barrick Gold Corp., the world's biggest gold producer, suspended exploration at a site in northwestern Argentina last month following local protests. Barrick will wait while residents near the Famatina site, in the province of La Rioja, prepare to vote on whether to allow mining companies to use cyanide, company spokesperson Vince Borg said yesterday.

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