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Congressmen Seek Pascua Lama Review Because Of Glacier Damage
by Monica EvansSantiago Times, EL CIUDADANO
A TV news report last week revealing drastic destruction of glaciers near the Pascua Lama gold mine project prompted the Chamber of Deputies to call for an inquiry into the mining project.

Deputies Call For Inquiry Into Chile's Pascua Lama Project
by Monica EvansValparaiso Times, EL CIUDADANO
A report revealing drastic destruction of glaciers last week prompted deputies in the Chamber of Deputies, Valparaíso, to call for an inquiry into the Pascua Lama mining project.

Chile's Glaciers Demand Greater Attention
by Mike HagerSantiago Times
(June 12, 2007) A new book about Chile’s vast glacier reserves aims to focus greater public attention on the important role glaciers play in the nation’s water systems and in its natural patrimony.

ENVIRONMENT: Chile's Biggest Freshwater Reserve Left Unprotected
by Daniela EstradaInter Press Service News Agency (IPS)
SANTIAGO, Jun 12 (IPS/IFEJ) - Chile possesses vast freshwater reserves in its glaciers, but lacks laws to protect them. Lawmakers, farmers and environmentalists are calling for legislation to fill that gap.

Successful March in Vallenar: defending the water
On Saturday, June 2, 2007, the Huasco Valley again said NO to PASCUA LAMA, YES TO LIFE, YES TO WATER. The activities began at sunrise in the communities of Junta Valeriano and in El Corral, located high in the Andes mountains near the Pascua Lama project. People arrived to load onto buses and cars, and in a caravan traveled together to participate in the march for the defense of water in the Huasco Valley.

Chile: Vallenar Marchers Reject Pascua Lama Project - Again
by Monica EvansThe Santiago Times
June 12th, 2007
“Water is worth more than gold!” was the chief battle of protesters in a June 2 march against the Pascua Lama mining project and the company responsible, Canadian-based transnational Barrick Gold. The march has become an annual event for Region III's Vallenar (the closest main town to Pascua Lama) since news of the project reached the community over three years ago.

June 2nd Action in Vallenar

May 2nd Action In Vallenar, Chile
by Atacama Limpioatacamalimpio [at]
Around 80 persons gathered in the Plaza de Armas in Vallenar to respond to the call made by the Ecological Group Clean Atacama and the Board of Defense of the Valley to protest against the mining firm Barrick Gold, a demonstration which was part of a worldwide day of action against the transnacional company for the effects which the are affecting upon the Huasco valley in their Pascua Lama mining project.

International Day of Action: Agua sí, oro no
Pagina 12
Organizaciones ambientalistas y de damnificados por la minería a cielo abierto de Argentina, Chile, Perú, Canadá y Australia realizarán hoy una "actividad de denuncia y resistencia contra la minería a cielo abierto". Los movimientos vecinales organizados en distintos puntos del país, como Esquel y Famatina, participarán con un escrache a las oficinas de la empresa Barrick Gold en Buenos Aires.

Worldwide Anti-Barrick Day in Santiago, Chile
by María José Martínez
News Articles about the Day of Action in Santiago, Chile.

Day of Action in Valparaiso, Chile
Pictures from the May 2nd action in Valparaiso, Chile.

Other Barrick Projects in Chile: Luís Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen
by Luís Faura Cortes
Testimony of Luís Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen.

Fighting a gold Goliath; In Chile's high Andes, a speculator battles mining firm Barrick over a land claim that could be worth millions
by Rick WestheadToronto Star
March 10th, 2007
A Chilean court agreed last fall that Villar had been wronged and ordered Barrick to return the rights to the plot. The contentious court decision, which the company is appealing, now threatens to at least delay Barrick's efforts to tap one of the world's largest undeveloped deposits of gold, silver and copper, as it wrestles with the multi-million-dollar legal claim.

Critique of Water Shares Agreement and Barrick's "94% approval rating": Luis Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen.
by Luís Faura Cortes
January 15th, 2007
Testimony of Luis Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen, about the misleading water shares agreement between the Vigilance Junta and Barrick Gold.

In Chile, Precious Lands Often Go for a Pittance
by Monte ReelWashington Post Foreign Service
December 26th, 2006
The mountainous terrain of northern Chile is studded with precious metals, a natural cache that for years has had investors angling for land rights. So when the world's largest gold mining company targeted about 20,000 acres owned by Rodolfo Villar, a mineral speculator, he signed a contract. Only later, he said, did he realize how much the company had agreed to pay him: About $19.

Barrick’s Gold: Canadian Mine Threatens a Chileean Watershed
by Ricardo Acuña Canadian Dimension

The problem of mining in the Andes? You have to move glaciers
by Oliver BalchGuardian Unlimited
May 3rd, 2006
High up in the Andes, the diggers are preparing to move in. The Pascua Lama mine, situated on the border between Argentina and Chile, promises to become one of Latin America's largest gold mines. But mining gold at 4,600 metres above sea level has its problems. The original plans of Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold included "relocating" three huge glaciers - a decision since blocked by Chile's environment authorities.

Chile Approves Glacier Gold Mine
by Staff WritersAgence France-Presse
February 15th, 2006
Chile Wednesday approved a controversial project by the world's leading gold producer, Barrick Gold, to tunnel for the precious metal underneath three glaciers in the northern Andes mountains.

FUTURE UNCERTAIN FOR CHILE’S PASCUA LAMA GOLD MINE: Presidential Candidates Voice Doubts About The Project
by Wanda PraamsmaSantiago Times
January 10th, 2006
The future looks uncertain for the controversial Pascua Lama gold mine project in Chile’s northern Region III. Environmental advisors to the both presidential candidates now vying for office say their new, incoming government will not support the gold mine.

PINOCHET'S PROFITEERS: Canadian Business in Chile
by Asad IsmiPeace Magazine
Barrick's founder Peter Munk was a huge fan of General Augusto Pinochet.

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