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Mulroney had lucrative prospects
by William MarsdenThe Gazette
November 23rd, 2007
Throughout his tenure as prime minister, Mulroney cultivated close friendships with top executives in Canada and the United States, as well as with such political leaders as U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his successor, George H.W. Bush. According to sources, this assured his smooth transition into a world of wealth and privilege, where his international connections would make him a sought-after lawyer and deal-maker. (article mentions many connections to Barrick Gold)

More Barrick Gold execs exercise options – and sell
by SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders)National Post (Canada)
September 17th, 2007
The National Post reports on a wave of Barrick top executives selling off their Barrick share, leaving most with no Barrick shares to their name. What do they know that their shareholders don't?

by Trey PollardSantiago Times/El Mercurio
September 11th, 2007
Huasco Valley property owners who live below the Pascua Lama gold mine and administer US$3 million yearly in “hush” money given them by mine owner Barrick Gold charged this weekend that their predecessors used Barrick’s money for personal gain.

La Iglesia y la Comunidad del Valle del Huasco reafirman su compromiso por la Vida y contra la depredación minera
by Luis Manuel Claps
August 15th, 2007
El 15 de agosto, las comunidades del Valle del Huasco se reunieron para celebrar a la Virgen Nuestra Señora del Tránsito, pero esta vez la fiesta centenaria, estuvo atravesada por una Caminata por la Vida, que denunció los atropellos de la gran minería y defendió la identidad agrícola del Valle.

First U.S. Mining Law reform hearing kicks off today
by Dorothy KosichMineWeb
Mining Law reform is back once again on the U.S. public policy agenda, thanks to House Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall, D-West Virginia, whose H.R. 2262 is scheduled for a subcommittee hearing at 10 a.m. this morning.

It's Time for Second Quarter Reporting: What will Barrick hide from their shareholders this time?
by Sakura SaundersSpecial to ProtestBarrick
August 2 marks the publishing date of Barrick Gold's second quarter results. With profits down by 14 percent, the Pascua Lama project delayed, and Norway's pension fund considering pulling their investment on ethical grounds, things aren't looking good for this gold mining giant. But, are any of these developments a big surprise? There are many shareholders who might think so, but that is only because Barrick has been systematically hiding vital information from them through glaring omissions and outright lies.

Investors left with fool's gold
by Jennifer WellsThe Star
The outcome could not have been more damning. In finding Bre-X geologist John Felderhof not guilty on all eight counts of securities violations yesterday, Mr. Justice Peter Hryn left the taxpayer-financed Ontario Securities Commission staring at the cadaverous remains of an ill-starred and, we now know, feebly mounted case.

Groups Lobby Congress for Changes to Mining Laws
by Marcela ValenteInter Press Service News Agency
People from 14 Argentine provinces visited Congress this week to call for changes in the country’s mining code, which grants substantial tax incentives that have drawn foreign corporations with poor environmental records.

US: Bush opposes rewrite of mining law
by Jaime Richardson and Jim LambGreen Valley News
The Bush administration on Thursday came out against a proposed revision of a 135-year-old hard-rock mining law that would impose the first-ever royalty fees and environmental restrictions for mining on public land.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Mining companies need to be accountable
Prime Minister Stephen Harper asserted in Chile that Barrick Gold's Pascua-Lama project follows "Canadian standards of corporate social responsibility." Unfortunately, no such standards exist.

Harper dithering on ending Canadian corporate crime in South America
OTTAWA – On the eve of the Prime Minister’s visit to Colombia and Chile, the NDP is demanding that Stephen Harper end his government’s stonewalling on proposed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) legislation to fight human rights and environmental abuses by Canadian extractive companies doing business in South America.

Change mining laws to reclaim our future
by Jane DanowitzSalt Lake Tribune
Unlike oil, gas and other extractive industries operating on public land, the "hard rock" metal mining companies - even if foreign owned - can take mineral resources from U.S. lands virtually for free, costing American taxpayers an estimated $100 million each year in potential royalties.

by Grahame RussellRights Action
In the exploited countries of the global south, peoples and communities harmed by multinational mining companies have no way to prevent or remedy environmental and development harms and human rights violations caused by mining. They have no way to hold the companies and investors accountable, neither where the harms and violations occur, nor in the home countries of the companies and investors.

Critique of Water Shares Agreement and Barrick's "94% approval rating": Luis Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen.
by Luís Faura Cortes
January 15th, 2007
Testimony of Luis Faura Cortes, Councilperson of Alto del Carmen, about the misleading water shares agreement between the Vigilance Junta and Barrick Gold.

In Chile, Precious Lands Often Go for a Pittance
by Monte ReelWashington Post Foreign Service
December 26th, 2006
The mountainous terrain of northern Chile is studded with precious metals, a natural cache that for years has had investors angling for land rights. So when the world's largest gold mining company targeted about 20,000 acres owned by Rodolfo Villar, a mineral speculator, he signed a contract. Only later, he said, did he realize how much the company had agreed to pay him: About $19.

Barrick’s Gold: Canadian Mine Threatens a Chileean Watershed
by Ricardo Acuña Canadian Dimension

Six Villagers Killed in Barrick's North Mara Mine
by Tundu LissuLawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT)
June 17th, 2006
Folks, It's bad news again. Over two weeks ago, on June 1, security guards employed by Barrick Gold Corp. at the North Mara Gold Mine in Tarime District, Northern Tanzania shot dead a villager who was alleged to have illegally entered the Mine complex.

Peru strikers clash over Barrick tax ruling
March 7th, 2005
Thousands of protesters angry at a court decision to waive a $141 million tax payment levied on Canadian miner Barrick Gold Inc. clashed with riot police in Peru's central Andes on Monday, the latest in a run of anti-mining protests in the mineral-rich nation.

Scab mine workers had more severe uranium exposure
by Kathy HelmsGallup Independent
March 3rd, 2004
Israel Martinez used to work for at a uranium mine and mill. He made a good living nearly $10 an hour shoveling mud in the pitch ditch. Later on, he graduated to yellowcake. Now Martinez has pulmonary fibrosis. His medical records indicate it is from uranium exposure.

Human Rights Commission Issues Injunction Order Against Tarime Gold Mine and Four Others
by Tundu LissuLawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT)
November 24th, 2003
The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance today issued an order of interim injunction [pdf] against the Afrika Mashariki Gold Mine (AMGM), its Canadian parent company Placer Dome (now owned by Barrick Gold) and three officials in Tarime District. The order seeks to prevent them from carrying on a campaign intended to force Nyangoto village residents in Nyabirama area to accept inadequate compensation from the two companies.

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